Diary Entry for 2/1/2000

Snowy all day. Windy. Schools closed, No meals on Wheels. Lyla called. Jim called to ask if I had my driveway cleaned. Rick Slate had just called and said he’s be over to do it. Not much snow in it. Vice President All Gore won nomination over Bill Bradley. Sen. McCain...

Diary Entry for 2/2/2000

Very cold. -14° in morning. Up to 20°. Sunny. My eyes are bad today. Vi called in evening. We ha a nice visit. I called Agway Fuels about free fuel oil. They told me to deduct $50.95 form my fuel bill.

Diary Entry for 2/3/2000

-2° this morning but warmer during day. Cloudy day. Amy was here to clean. I paid several bills by check. Bills paid for this month. I called Dick Delles about Star Tax Exemption. Jim called in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/4/2000

Still very cold. Lyla was here. I gave her Uncle Ray’s jackknife. Aunt Maude gave it to Merrill after Uncle Ray died. Mrs. Harter called from Caregivers. She will be here Monday at 9:15. Terrible avalanches in Alaska. Jolie called in evening. Madison is sick again....