Diary Entry for 6/1/1998

Colder today after all the storm. Sunny. 60°. Merrill went to day care. Vicki called from eye center. Selma Scrimmager 90 died yesterday. I sent Robin card, letter and $10.00. Sent $10 to Dexter fireman in Lawrence’s memory. Also wrote Bea Gehm. Paid cable and light...

Diary Entry for 6/2/1998

Still cooler. I made chili and cake. I made bed upstairs. I called Shirley Scrimmager to say we couldn’t get to Selma’s funeral tomorrow. More thunder storms around at night. Not to bad here. We got new box of checks.

Diary Entry for 6/3/1998

Quite cold in morning 40° Merrill didn’t go today care. The bus came just the same. I called Lyla. Robin’s birthday. Also Elmer’s 71st. I called hospital to ask what time I had to be there for operation. They said 11 AM. They called back later and said 9 AM. Vern...

Diary Entry for 6/4/1998

Eye operation on right eye 4:00. Jim took me and stayed with me all day. Merrill went to day care. Kathy came 6-8 AM and got Merrill ready and cleaned the house. We got home at noon. Jim left after supper. He called in evening Also Vernon. Jim took car battery to...

Diary Entry for 6/5/1998

Merrill went to day care. Jim took me to eye doctor. They took off my eye patch. I saw Dr. Richmond. Eye pressure in left eye 14. Jim put battery in car and got it running again.