Diary Entry for 4/1/1998

Cooler 53° Rain in PM. Merrill went to day care. I cleaned upstairs. Tina called to see what Mike had to say about Merrill. Jim Mifford gets home on leave from Korea.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1998

Partly cloudy. Cold wind. I sent Bea Gehm card in Oswego Hospital. I paid cable and light bills. Van came for Merrill this morning but it is next Thursday I asked for them. Kathy here to clean. Jim called in evening. He went to doctors today for his cold. Sue’s cat...

Diary Entry for 4/3/1998

Cloudy. A little sun. Merrill went to day care. I called Albany association of blind and asked that they choose the books for me. I cleaned my bedroom. I washed the curtains and woodwork. I washed white clothes. Vivian stopped by. Jim brought drugs at suppertime....

Diary Entry for 4/4/1998

Cloudy. Cold 39°. Gloria, Roger and Sandy here in AM. First time Sandy has been here in ages. Good to see her. I washed bedding and white clothes. Also bed spread. I stopped using Carpinses (?) drops in left eye to dilate pupil.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1998

Daylight time starts I set clocks in PM yesterday. We went to church. Wayne and Nancy came after us. We won’t be going next Sunday. A sunny day. Merrill worked at cleaning lawns in PM. I wrote letter to Martha and Margaret. Jill and Jim Mifford came out and we took...