Diary Entry for 10/1/1997

Cold, sunny, Merrill went to day care. He’s very mixed up today. Can’t remember things. Donnie called Merrill. Got home early 4:45. I called Tina about Merrill’s bill for first 2 days of day care. Tony Hull here. He discoverd there is no trap on washing machine. He...

Diary Entry for 10/2/1997

Heavy white frost last night. Looked like snow 25°. Nice in PM. Zackary McGowan among 3500 soldiers out in the field for 10 days for Mount Peak exercise. Our soldiers go through so much for us. Training is very rough at times. We went for groceries after lunch. Lyla...

Diary Entry for 10/3/1997

Cloudy all day. Merrill went to day care. I sent Bea Gehm card and note. I washed clothes. Also cleaned floors. I made chili for tomorrow. Barb Tifft called. They will pay Merrill’s first two day care from Alzheimer’s grant. $81.00.

Diary Entry for 10/4/1997

A nice warm, sunny day. Vern and June got here about 9:30. Vern helped put on storm windows, a lock cover over thermostat, covered water pipes, etc. They left about 3:30 PM. Donna 10:30 appointment. Vern took me over and came after me. My hair feels so great to be...

Diary Entry for 10/5/1997

A beautiful day sunny and very warm day. Thunderstorm around 10 PM to 1 AM last night. We went to church 44 out. Communion. A murder suicide of two 17 year olds at Depauville today. Bea Gehm’s birthday 83,