Diary Entry for 2/1/1997

Cloudy. Rainy. 38° high. We took garbage for past few weeks. My first time up there. Got 2 extra bags. $3.00 Lyla called to see if we needed anything. I washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 2/2/1997

Six more weeks of winter. 34° high. A beautiful day. Ground hog didn’t see his shadow in Pennyslvania. We didn’t go to church. Merrill too tired. He slept until late. I wrote a letter to Nancy and Tom in Kansas. Jim M gets home from Canada winter training (3 weeks)...

Diary Entry for 2/3/1997

Nice day. Partly cloudy. I called Jim at Sackets. Sue goes for shots today. I called office of the aging. A woman is coming tomorrow to talk to us. I w rote checks to pay bills. Also ailed them and letter to Nancy. Jim and Sue here at suppertime. She had shot...

Diary Entry for 2/4/1997

Nice day. Partly cloudy. Snowing some in evening. Woman from the Office of Aging 10:30 AM. Bonnie was here a couple hours. We like her. She said Merrill qualifies for day care. It’s from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Bonnie is from Kentucky. She has been in city five years. A...

Diary Entry for 2/5/1997

Snowy and raining. Shirley L called. Jim called in PM. He was at work. I called about HEAP check. I was sent Jan 23rd to Agway. Agway here with fuel oil. 135 gallons at $1.169 a gallon.