Diary Entry for 4/1/1996

Dr. Parcinski, pressure 14. Donna, 3 PM. Got my hair cut. Raining all day. Snowed in evening. Jill here while we were gone doing her laundry. Jim in field until Wednesday. He got to come home for night. Carol called from FHA. Jill and Jim got phone, 642-1821

Diary Entry for 4/2/1996

Ground white this morning. Melted early. Sunny in 40’s. Washed upstairs bedding. Merrill took old lounge chair apart. Lyla was here in PM. Jill here for supper.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1996

Sunny but cold wind. We put new seat on Uncle Berl and Aunt Mildred’s rocking chair. They got it for a wedding present years ago. Jill took Cliff’s car out to be repaired when she went to work. She took Jim our insurance card. I made apple pie. Called Vern in evening....

Diary Entry for 4/4/1996

Sunny but cold. Jill took Merrill for groceries in morning, 9 AM. Merrill has terrible cold. Coughing and sneezing. Dr. Hummer called. Has changed my antibiotics. Talked with Jolie.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1996

Jolie called this morning to say Joel was arrested last night for giving drugs to a 13 year old girl. I dreamed about him and was crying for him in my dream. Vern called. They are all coming Sunday. Jolie and Randy (Medivac pilot) here. Jolie got my antibiotics at...