Diary Entry for 11/1/1994

Jim here. He got me a handicapped parking permit. Vivian was over. Brought muffins. Merrill feeling much better. Out of bed some today. Talked with Diane Riley and Helen Kiechle.

Diary Entry for 11/2/1994

We got up today to first snow on ground. Vivian was over. Also Linda. She brought dish of goulash. Very good. Vivian got our mail for us. Merrill feeling much better. Coughing up a lot. Marg K brought us cake.

Diary Entry for 11/3/1994

UMW, at Vi Mowers. I didn’t go. Jim here. Brought me cordless phone and his dad a can of ribbon candy. He has a cold. I called medical office. Dr. Stark will get me appointment with Dr. Charles Wasicek. Debby here. Brought me spaghetti. Vivian here. Gt us fish and...

Diary Entry for 11/4/1994

Wallace Recore, 41 sentenced for DWI today. We opened new checking account with new Lisbon bank here at Philadelphia, $100. Changed Social Security. Check back. Paid water bill. Got groceries. Dr. Stark office called with my appointment with Dr. Wasicek for December...