Diary Entry for 4/1/1994

No school. Pauline Roggie called. Donna Barney to have gall bladder operation, 6th. Jim called from mall. He’s there for knee therapy at Mercy Hospital. He has to go three times a week for whirlpool therapy.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1994

Party for Vivian at Clearview. We didn’t go, 50°. Lyla called. Jim called. Five of them coming tomorrow. Merrill went over town. Took gift to Vivian and stopped to see Gary. I got stuff ready for tomorrow. Washed.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1994

Fast time begin at 2 AM. We didn’t go to Sunrise Service and breakfast. Went to church, 87 out. Communion. Snowing hard when we got out of church. Jill called from Myrtle Beach. Hot there. She laying on the beach. Jim, Sue, Ashley, Jolie, Shawn Michael, and Jeff...