Diary Entry for 1/1/1993

Starting my 51st year of keeping a diary. My eyesight getting bad so I don’t know how long I can continue. We went for groceries. Gilenda and Blue (dog) came for church money. Got invitation to party at Landau’s Saturday evening. Sunny day.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1993

We went to church 42. They took down decorations after church. We went to city to drug store. Called Jim and Vern in PM. Icy in evening. Freezing rain. Cha’s got home in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1993

Warmer 51. Cloudy. We took down tree and decorations. Boscheck girls here. Bob in Massachusetts. Jolie called. Hasn’t received card and key. I called Philadelphia Post Office. Sent out traces on Jolie’s letter. Called her twice.