Diary Entry for 12/3/1992

Merrill’s cold worse. We went for groceries in AM. Diane went with us. I made chocolate chip cookies for bazaar. Sue here in PM. Walter Fikes has had his leg off because of sugar.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1992

UMW and set up for bazaar tomorrow. Merrill and I helped. Snowing in evening. Beautiful out. We took food for Davenport’s. Vi helped. We went to city in PM. Got dry cleaning at Frederick’s. Merrill got hair cut, $4.00 now. Fort Drum 10th Army going to Somalia...

Diary Entry for 12/5/1992

Church Bazaar. Made $800.00. Joyce and Nancy made donuts on the spot for it, $2.50 a dozen. We went over for lunch. Finished decorating house and set up tree. Washed clothes. Finally got my black dress I ordered from Blairs, September 14.