Diary Entry for 3/1/1989

Dr. Sommer 11:40. Had exam and x-rays. Dr. Scanlon 1:30. Had field tests. Won’t have them next time. We went to Bible Study in evening. We went after Alice.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1989

Cold and sunny. We went for groceries in AM. Merrill took car to George’s garage in PM. They put on a new radiator. Cost $130.81. Guaranteed for one year.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1989

We went to World Day of Prayer. About 25 there. Cheryl and Griffin girls sang. Great program. Jim called in evening. They may be out Sunday. Jolie still working evenings. Emmalee Rebekah Kerr-Carpenter born. 8 pounds.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1989

Jeff Hall and Tina Horton married. Freezing rain. Washed clothes. Merrill cleaned floors. Very icy in evening. Much colder. Got letter from Beulah M.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1989

Rainy and snowing. We went to Sunday School 44, and church 37. Cecil Steele from Spragueville preached. Good service. Collin stopped in on way to hospital. Jim, Joel, Jolie, Sue Lucid and Pat Hogan here for supper. Showed video of Empire Games, Sackets Band.