Diary Entry for 12/1/1984

UMW Bazaar. Made over $700.00. Merrill took stuff over. He took UMW food to Legion for Putnam family funeral. He got soup and sandwiches for our lunch at bazaar. Wrote william Clarke, Barneveld and Vern’s.

Diary Entry for 12/2/1984

We went to Sunday School and church, 56 there. Junior choir sang for first today. Communion. Bob Sheley called in PM. Funeral will be Wednesday. I called Peggy Sepko. Jim and Shari Percell have baby girl, Jennifer Margaret, born today.

Diary Entry for 12/3/1984

We washed kitchen and bath walls and ceilings. Put up Christmas decorations outside and some inside. Robbins brought new furnace to parsonage. Merrill went after shavings with Howard.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1984

Merrill went to Fargo’s for tree, $4.95. Uncle Berl’s remains get into Syracuse at 1:40 PM. I got call from California about Uncle Berl’s will. Howard Dowel. I called Vern’s in evening. June R here in PM. Paid us $75.00. Merrill went over town. Village cut tree by...

Diary Entry for 12/5/1984

Uncle Berl funeral at Piddocks. It would be his and Aunt Mildred’s 66th wedding anniversary today. All very nice. The Masons from Adams UMC had service. 25 there. Uncle Berl looked the same as we all remembered him. Aunt Maude went with us.