Diary Entry for 1/1/1984

Sunny. No Sunday School. We went to church, 34 out. Called Vern’s. They got home on Schedule. Everything fine. Very cold in Florida. They said Florence Hogaboom died last Tuesday. Talked with Jim from Audrey’s. Made pizza.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1984

We watched parades on TV. Lazy day. Snowed some. Clear in PM. Ponzi’s called. Her mother in hospital with pneumonia. Gladys Lamon called. Rev. Bea Clark told them Sunday she was to be moved to Philadelphia.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1984

Warmer. Cloudy. Merrill called Agway for chimney cleaner. Social Security up 3.5%. Medicare $14.60 now. Got kids letter from Florida. Mailed on December 28th. Clark’s brought chimney cleaner from Agway, $10.65

Diary Entry for 1/4/1984

Merrill and Bill M. Took down Nativity at church. Merrill worked at June’s in PM. Hot water heater element and plugs and points on tractor. Sent Ken birthday card and letter. Got tax notice $477.76 up $23.37.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1984

Got letter from Vern’s. Sent clipping about Florence Hogaboom. We went for groceries. UMW at parsonage. Mrs. Zeller and mother, Mrs. Mitchell came for first, 14 there. Church apportionments are all paid but Folts Home. Fuel bills paid. June R. here.