Diary Entry for 8/2/1980

Shelly Griffin and Martin Crossman wedding. Esther, Margaret, Sina and I worked on it. All very beautiful. We went to Civic Day. Merrill and boys went to Mills and Fort Drum. A nice day. it rained in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1980

Rainy but cleared in PM. We all went to church. Jim, Pat, and kids came in PM. Here for supper. They took home cabbage, cukes and beans. Howard called and asked us down to cottage on Friday.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1980

Dan’s picture in Times. Also article about Jim. Merrill’s eye appointment with Dr. Scanlon 10 AM. Has to have both lens changed. We went up to Park. Took food from McDonalds. I got bathing suit and blouse at Ames. Merrill mowed lawns when we got home.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1980

Hot and humid. Vern and June came for boys. Merrill and Vern finished bathroom fan and put in outlet over water heater. They brought strawberries. Jim’s pictures and article in Times.