Diary Entry for 3/1/1976

Nice day but rather cold. We went out to Mom’s. Juanita’s mother died last week. Goldie Backer, 72. She had cancer. Evelyn Scee still in hospital. Ken’s have had flu. Luke in hospital two days. Wrote Vern’s.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1976

UMW. Only 8 out. Margaret’s projector light was burned out so she couldn’t show slides. Stormy all day. Ben Franklin smokes if door is open. Merrill took me to Philadelphia. He stayed with Jim M. No Bible Study. Windy.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1976

Vern’s leave for Florida at 4:15 PM. Very icy all day. Raining and freezing. No school again today. Got letter from Beulah Hall. Washed bedding. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1976

World Day of Prayer, 8 PM at Theresa. 5 Theresa, 21 Philadelphia present. Mrs. Johnson guest speaker. Pat and Ruth Eggleston’s 47th anniversary. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Crazy weather. Temperature 68° today. Merrill went to Mills for water...