Diary Entry for 11/1/1975

Larry N whitewashed barn, $37.45. Raining. I ironed bedroom curtains. Washed bedroom woodwork. Made 4 loaves of pumpkin bread. 4-H Halloween party at Hills. 30 there. Very nice time. All there but Dawn.

Diary Entry for 11/2/1975

We went to church. I’ve had headache all day. organ committee are going to Syracuse November 15th to price organs. Joyce gave us tickets for The Hiding Place movie. Got B-12 shot at Marilyn’s.

Diary Entry for 11/4/1975

Election. We voted at 1:15. Numbers 105 and 106. I went to Bible Study. Jim’s here for supper. Jim brought out cement mixer and bikes to store. UMW in evening at Esther Taylor’s. 14 out. A good meeting.

Diary Entry for 11/5/1975

Cleaned house. Merrill cut wood and put 2 load down cellar. Russell Maley here about Extension dues, $3. Elaine Phillips here to spend afternoon from Gouverneur.