Diary Entry for 9/1/1975

Cloudy. We watched Telethon all day. Almost 19 million. Jim, and Pat came after girls. They told us Patty is pregnant and expecting in February. Pat brought lemon pie.

Diary Entry for 9/2/1975

Jim’s 32nd birthday. Rained off and on all day. Bill here with fuel oil for first @ 39 cents. Merrill built fence around spring house. Mrs. Cameron gave me dove pin. UMW at CEC, first meeting. 9 out. I furnished cake.

Diary Entry for 9/3/1975

Canned 7 quarts peaches. Froze 2 packages. Not very good. Merrill stored hay machinery. I had pap test at clinic at Philadelphia. Got School Tax notice, $445.63 up $70.25. Assessed, $9100. Sent Ruth Schell card in House of Good Samaritan.

Diary Entry for 9/4/1975

Wrote Mom. Mrs. Cameron went with me to Agway for frozen foods. Bagged, strawberries, 30 pounds. Part of Jim’s. Also got peas and mixed vegetables. Dentist office called me twice. Dr. Sommer’s will pull my teeth. Merrill mowed lawns. Got note from Beulah...