Diary Entry for 12/1/1973

Washed clothes. Made cheesecake. Got Christmas card and $10 from Dot Medina. First card. Made triple batch of fried cakes. Merrill and Carl K covered windows in Lodge Hall. Drove out doves in attic. [at Lodge}

Diary Entry for 12/3/1973

Sent Dot M package, towel set and wooden beads and earrings. Bible Study. A beautiful day. Saw Doris haggerty at city. I went to city shopping most of day. Cleaned mess on Lodge floor from doves. Jr. Hale had accident.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1973

UMW 6:30 supper at CEC. Very nice supper and program. 24 there. I went to Bible Study. Esther and I set up table afterwards. Cloudy, warm day. Washed clothes. Got Christmas letters from Mother T. and Pauline.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1973

We went to city. Finished Christmas shopping in morning. Got case of grapefruit and oranges from FFA, $5.75. Saw Dr. Roberts in Westons. Eleanor called in evening. Mom has to go to Dr. Gardner’s Friday at 2:20