Diary Entry for 10/1/1973

Installation at Antwerp Rebekah’s. I didn’t go. Wrote Uncle Berl. IOOF meeting. Merrill went. Only 5 there. We painted on garage and house trim. A beautiful summer day.

Diary Entry for 10/2/1973

UMW meeting at Carrie Thompson’s, 16 there. Raining off and on all day. I went to Bible Study. I drove. Ruth went with me. Marva gave us books for Body Life. Study course, 95 cents.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1973

Brenda’s 21st birthday. Cloudy day. Merrill and Boots went to Mills. Merrill finished painting on garage. Talked to Marg M. Marg K and Diane, on church business.

Diary Entry for 10/4/1973

Parcel truck brought 4-H candy, 144 boxes. Called 4-H girls in evening about window. We painted on house trim. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Wrote Marg letter along with her birthday card. Washed my hair. Put color rinse on it.

Diary Entry for 10/5/1973

Marg’s birthday. Thunder storms and hard rains most of day. We went to city. Called Patty. Jim starts work at Fays on Sunday’s. Got blue material. Dawn was over. Counted out 4-H candy in evening.