Diary Entry for 12/2/1972

Surprise party for Lynn and Mary at Legion, 25th anniversary, They had a huge crowd. Nice time. We went to Rating Talent show at school first. Carrie T and Debby H. went with us. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 12/3/1972

Tired today. Got home at 1 AM. We went to church. Roads very slippery. Watertown had a Christmas Parade for first time in years. Bill and Linda Mattingly joined church. Also Sarah Fredrick’s from Bay.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1972

Dr. Scanlon, 2 PM. No change in my eyes. Didn’t have dark room tests. I took dry cleaning to Seaway. Sent first Christmas card to Beulah and Les. Wrote letter.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1972

WSCS covered dish, 6:30. Esther’s. I took tuna casserole. We gave money for Piper Memorial Hospital instead of exchange of gifts. I went to Bible Study. No more until Jan 2. Plowed driveways. Got letter from Dot.