Diary Entry for 6/1/1972

Vern’s leave for Maryland at noon. Rained all day. We went to Ken’s and out home. Planned party for Mom. Uncle Lloyd’s 72nd birthday. Took Mom donuts.

Diary Entry for 6/2/1972

We mowed 2 lawns. Merrill plowed Pat’s and our garden. Sharon and Larry, Lorraine and Dawn here at supper time. Anne Wilmert in hospital with back burn. Her shirt caught fire. Wrote Mother T. Called Marion S. Aunt Keitha called in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/3/1972

Uncle Ray would have been 70 today. Been gone 4 years last Feb. 11th. Vern gets Doctorate Degree from University of Maryland, 10 AM. I made pies for supper at Legion. I worked on supper. Huge crowd out to Legion and Fireman’s

Diary Entry for 6/4/1972

Rainy and cloudy. We went to church. Bill and Linda Mattingly are going to Expo 72 in Texas. Got $50 in collection today for them. We went over to Art and Doris in PM. Abby, Bob, and boys there also. Mr. and Mrs. Marty Smith went to Texas also.

Diary Entry for 6/5/1972

Washed clothes. Mrs. Roy (Sally) Smith died in Ogdensburg. Council of Ministries was called off so Rev B. could be with Roy. Made several calls about change.