Diary Entry for 3/1/1971

A nice day again. I made apple pie to take to Parsonage. Vi and I took the Visiting Church Service to Ruth Schell. Ruth has lost 24 pounds. Sent Fran card and note. Merrill went to Lodge in evening. Election of officers.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1971

WSCS at Marguerites. 12 out. Got home at 11:20 PM. Bible study at Esther’s. Nice turnout. Marva there. Sent $1 and resignation to NFO for Merrill. Made a shrimp salad.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1971

Washed clothes. Snowing some in PM. Roads slippery. Mrs. Beardsley called in evening. Talked with Mary. Mrs. Hall likes it at Redwood Nursing Home.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1971

Started dining room. Canceled IOOF at Redwood. Terrible storm. Porch full of snow. FFA Banquet at school canceled. All schools closed because of storm. Worst storm of the year. Milk truck got this far. Only thing by house. Pat and Jim called. Pat has negative blood....

Diary Entry for 3/5/1971

World Day of Prayer canceled because of roads and parking due to storm. Plow over at 9 AM. Philadelphia plow didn’t come over today. Can just get through Philadelphia end. Lots turned around at town line. Merrill worked all AM plowing driveway, 4 hours.