Diary Entry for 7/1/1970

Got letter from June. They are coming Friday. Merrill mowed two lawns. Looks so nice. I cleaned house, between eye drops. They give me bad headache on one side. Cloudy in PM and evening. Got thank you’s from Roberta and Bill Hockey.

Diary Entry for 7/2/1970

We went to city. Merrill got stuff at Bisnetts to wash dumping station. I got plastic table cloth, tan for dining room. Got groceries at P & C. Washed clothes in evening. Aunt Maude called in evening. I called Willabelle Brown about her eyes, glaucoma.

Diary Entry for 7/3/1970

Party for Life and Jim Ashley 8:15. We didn’t go. Vern’s got here about 3:30 PM. Hot and muggy. Rain and thunder storms. Pat called in evening. She was too tired to come out. I have a black spot on right eye. I can see. I’m getting used to drops. Merrill drawed first...

Diary Entry for 7/4/1970

Lawrence Welk band has been on TV 15 years Lila and Jim’s 25th anniversary. Cloudy, rainy day off and on. Cleaned in late PM and evening. Jim came in PM. Patty working. We had steak cook out but ate dinner in house. Kids left about 6 PM. Jim left about 5. He had to...