Diary Entry for 7/1/1969

No rain today. I mowed two lawns. Washed clothes. Merrill worked on milk house. Rush Reynolds brought over Jack Hammer compressor. Toby, Karen, Wade here in evening. Jim Decker here. Also on bike. Karen sewed on slack set.

Diary Entry for 7/2/1969

I went to Philadelphia for groceries and blank checks. I made donuts and cookies. Merrill went to Philadelphia for jack hammer. Seven of us from Philadelphia church went to covered dish supper at Theresa. Doc French’s friends missionary Dr. and nurse wife were guests....

Diary Entry for 7/3/1969

Vern, June, and boys got here in evening for weekend. Jim and Pat here in evening. Also Toby, Karen and Wade. Jim started working 12-8. Lynn Hall started taking rabies shots yesterday. One of Art’s cows has rabies.

Diary Entry for 7/4/1969

Men worked on barn all day. We had picnic dinner. Patty here for picnic with us. Rained in evening so Jim couldn’t come out after work. Mrs. Vernon Mabel Campbell died this morning.

Diary Entry for 7/5/1969

Men worked at barn. Went to Mills for plywood. June, boys, and I went over to Evelyn’s in PM. Rained in evening so Vern had to stop shingling roof.