Diary Entry for 5/1/1969

Theresa Rebekah’s Installation. I didn’t go. I went to city for groceries. Got green cotton house dress. Dry cleaned Mom’s dresses and Merrill’s suit. The candelabra that Beaches bought are at church. Called kids in evening. WSCS Conference meeting in Sandy Creek. No...

Diary Entry for 5/2/1969

Sent $50 to Gray’s Flower Shop. Jim and Pat here for supper. I washed clothes, bed spreads, and rugs. Cleaned. Made cup cakes in evening. Warm day. Merrill built fence.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1969

Patty’s shower here by June and Eleanor. Nice shower. 25-30 here in all. Marg, Eleanor, Roberta, Juanita and Brenda and Vern’s here for supper. Men went down to Toby’s in evening. Patty got lots of nice gifts.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1969

Vern’s left about 3 PM. Jim, Pat and Gary P here for dinner. Didn’t get to church. tired today. Vern’s gave Jim and Patty 11 piece Duncan Himes stainless steel cookware.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1969

Antwerp Rebekahs Installation. I didn’t go. Too tired. Cleaned floors. washed. Very cold wind. Washed clothes. Jim and Pat got letter from Uncle Berl. Their first Mr. and Mrs. James Tryon letter.