Diary Entry for 5/1/1968

I went to hospital to see Vi. Shopped at Fay’s and Weston’s groceries. Got 3 pair sneakers $9.93. Got blue slacks and charcoal starter. Also wire lawn fence, 5 for 78¢

Diary Entry for 5/3/1968

Vi got home from hospital. Merrill mowed lawns for first this year. I washed Jim’s clothes. Lorraine here after school to sew. Marge and Roger here in evening. Jim here in evening. Had been golfing with Kenny. Got letter from Marvin.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1968

Martha asked me to be dress judge. Rainy. Boys came out on cycles in PM. Here for dinner and supper. They helped Toby take Star out doors for first since last fall. Merrill did ditching for Howard.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1968

Cloudy. We went to church. Good turn out today. Tire got bump on it so Merrill changed it. Second tire to do it. Vi called. She got home Friday morning. Ruth called.