Diary Entry for 1/2/1952

Boys went back to school after vacation. Snow about all gone. Just like spring. Merrill & I went to Grange. I was on suppercommittee with Lucy N, & Minnie P. Mrs. Hagan’s birthday. Marie called.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1952

Snowing & colder. Boys had Xmas party at school. Was supposed to have been December 19th. I went to Grange card party at Aunt Maude’s. Got new Spiegel catalog.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1952

Merrill, Jim, Vernon, & I went to city. Took Jim to Doctor Saunders for second time. Merrill went up to see Aunt Edna & Uncle Ed. He hasn’t worked since October. Aunt Edna fell & hurt her leg.