Diary Entry for 7/1/2004

80° and 54°. Partly sunny. Alice here to dress my toe. Elgin and Carmi called. They are coming Friday the 9th. They are testing fire alarms here today. Jolie called in PM. She has a new cell phone. Shawn doing time in jail for writing bad checks. Jolie called again in...

Diary Entry for 7/2/2004

73° and 50°. A nice sunny day. Jessie here to clean. She shampooed my carpets. They look and smell great. She had her 6 year old granddaughter with her. Nurse Theresa here to dress my toe. Linda Beyette called. Angie, Sally and Vi here in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/3/2004

Finally a hot summer day. In the 80’s and sunny. Nurse Tammy here this morning. Will be here Sunday and Monday. Vi, Florence, and Angie here. Jim called in evening. He, Joanne, and Lauren sitting in car at Brewerton waiting for fireworks display.

Diary Entry for 7/4/2004

83° and 53°. Another hot day. Cloudy in PM. Windy in PM and evening. Nurse Tammy here at 10 AM. Jim N brought me church bulletin. Vi here for paper. Florence and Lila stopped in. Vern called from Oswego City. They were waiting for the parade to start. Kathy and...

Diary Entry for 7/5/2004

Windy and cloudy. Vi and I walked over to hospital lab. Both had blood work. Dorothy G there for blood work also. Nurse Tammy here in AM to do my toe. Florence gave me a piece of apply pie. I called Vern and June in evening. They are all set for tomorrow. Their...