Diary Entry for 8/1/2003

73z8 AND 65°. Partly cloudy day. Not as warm. I haven’t had the fans on today. Vi here I AM for Times. Florence came in to see if I was okay as she hadn’t seen me. I was reading in my diaries and didn’t bother to leave my door open.

Diary Entry for 8/2/2003

Hot and humid. Thunderstorm at suppertime. Jim Nash’s car wouldn’t start. They trucked it to garage. Jim walked to store. I called to offer my Times but he got one. I took mine up to Vi and she returned it later. Lyla called in P. I got card from June and Vern from...

Diary Entry for 8/3/2003

86° and 61°. A hot humid day. Thunderstorm about 7 PM. Was bad in other places. Came back again at 8 PM. Bad storm. We didn’t get to church as Nash’s car is in garage. I went to services out here in Metcalf room. A boring day. I haven’t been outside in two weeks and...

Diary Entry for 8/4/2003

80° and 66°. Not so humid today. Sunny most of the day. Trip to zoo called off. Not enough interested in it. Three men here to glue my window. Vi and her great granddaughters here in PM. They are cute girls. Esther Taylor called in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/5/2003

Hot and humid. Appointment with Dr. LaPoint at 10:45. Blood pressure 120/70 and weight 143. I took bus to and from downtown. Sue Boschock here in PM. She brought me pretty flowers and also one of the church registers. She looks great. Has lost weight swimming and...