Diary Entry for 11/2/2001

Cloudy some rain some sun. Jim took me to Dr. Powell’s also to drug store and Big M. Dr. Powell at 9:15. I saw Joan Hawthorne. Tests showed no infection in my knee.

Diary Entry for 11/3/2001

Nice day but cold wind. Elma Hershey moved into apartment next to where she was so her apartment next to me is empty again. She didn’t get along with neighbor over her upstairs. Too noisy. Sherri N called and asked me to go to Partridge Berry Inn for brunch after...

Diary Entry for 11/4/2001

Nice today. Some rain in evening. I went to church with Sheri and Jim. I went with them after church to Partridge Berry Inn for brunch. Schaumberg, Girt Stanton, and another lady went also. Very nice food and time. Jim and Nancy here in PM. Jim brought me 6 boxes of...

Diary Entry for 11/5/2001

Cold. Partly cloudy. Jim brought me filters for my humidifier and bacteria fluid to add to water. Lynda Beyette called. Centennial Club at 7:30. I went. Lots going on over the holidays.