Diary Entry for 5/2/2001

May Day! 80° great. Exercise class. I went. Dorothy J brought stuff to give out for VIP meeting. VIP Mike White guest entertainer. Good turnout. Bill mowed lawns for first time this year. Jolie called in PM. I walked to Stewards for milk.

Diary Entry for 5/3/2001

Another like summer day. 85°. I got out the big fan and stored away the humidifier. Got out some summer clothes. I sent absentee school ballet. Jessie called. She came at 2 PM. We went to Big M store. Coby S brought me tapes in PM. I wrote letter to Jolie. I played...

Diary Entry for 5/4/2001

Great weather. Sunny 85° Hot. I went to exercise class. 11 of us out. Ida Jane Northrupt joined. I called Vi. She is going to Julia’s for a visit. Lyla called. Elgin had called her. The Cloggers were here in evening. Very good. Good turnout. My cactus plant blossomed...

Diary Entry for 5/5/2001

Another summer day. Nice breeze. 74°. Florence Lee and Debbie here to see cactus blossoms. Marion C took pictures of it. I washed clothes in PM. Jim called in evening. He wants me to come for supper the first of the week. Joel leaves for home next week.