Diary Entry for 10/1/2000

A just beautiful fall day. I went to church with Jim and Sherrie. World Wide Communion day. Communion I stayed for refreshments. The Bellingers gave me a ride to Genesis. I spent most of PM with Merrill.

Diary Entry for 10/2/2000

Sunny day. Nice. Centennial meeting 7:30 PM. I went. Jane Schmitt guest speaker. In charge of volunteer help for S.M.Center and Samaritan Keep. Florence Martin moved out over weekend. She can’t stay alone.

Diary Entry for 10/3/2000

Cloudy. Exercise class 10 present. I talked with Fran and Don Currier. He didn’t know who bought Clark and Viv’s place. VIP meeting 2-4. Edie Gamble of Verizon speaker. Carmi’s birthday. I called Jill. They have to move. Cliff is being sued. Debate between Gore and...

Diary Entry for 10/4/2000

Raining. I made fruit cocktail cake for potluck supper. Stop iron pills. Florence Martin has gone to shared care home near here. Her family is packing up her things. Jim called in evening. He has been working on his houses. I watched Country Music Awards. Very...

Diary Entry for 10/5/2000

Exercise class. 8 present. Jessie here to clean. 10:30 AM. Anne Lepine 1:30. My blood pressure 132/70. Very good. Potluck supper 5 PM. A good turnout and good food. Birthday supper for September and October members. My fruit cocktail cake a big hit with folks. I took...