Diary Entry for 11/1/1996

Partly sunny day. Cold. Dr. Hinman called. He said Merrill has something in his thyroid. Wants him to have another ultra sound test. Jim called twice. He is going to call Vernon and June.

Diary Entry for 11/3/1996

Sunny and cold. We went to church 54 out. Lazy day. Jim called in evening. 7 inches of snow at the cabin. Jim and Ashley got wood. Sue worked the lat shift.

Diary Entry for 11/4/1996

Sunny, still windy. Merrill didn’t sleep much. Up and dressed at 2 AM. Dr. Hinman made appointment for ultra sound for Merrill for Friday November 8th at 8:30. Jim called at suppertime. Margaret called about Marion. Marion Parker 95 died at Samaritan Keep...

Diary Entry for 11/5/1996

President Clinton won again. Election day. Raining. We voted in forenoon. Stopped at Medical Center for Merrill’s prescription. Asked them to e x tend my doctor visits to more than 10 for social Security. I go package from signatures. Got free $25.00 pen fir doing...