Diary Entry for 7/1/1996

Nice day. Windy and warm. I washed our bedding and white clothes. Great day to dry out side. We cleaned upstairs. Made up bed. Put new battery in smoke alarm up stairs. Merrill used Jim’s mower.

Diary Entry for 7/2/1996

A great day. Merrill washed woodwork upstairs. I cleaned cupboard in back room. Laundry room Feels good to get it cleaned. Jill worked today. I made macaroni salad.

Diary Entry for 7/3/1996

Cloudy. Cooler. Some showers. We started getting side porch ready to paint. Painted part of it. Painted filing cabinet. We went for groceries at suppertime.

Diary Entry for 7/4/1996

Cloudy, north wind. Rained about all day. We called Vernon and June in morning. Raining but we went to city anyway. Got paint at sears. 2 gallon outside white. 1 black trim. 1 inside white. Got scraper. Paint on sale. $9.99 a gal. Weatherbeater and Easy Living

Diary Entry for 7/5/1996

I called Debbie. She was working at Carthage. She stopped on way home and painted on our porch for a couple hours. 5-7.Lyla was over in PM. They are having picnic at Larry’s tomorrow. She gave me pictures of Allan and Helen’s 60th Wedding party. Sent order to...