Diary Entry for 5/1/1996

Cooler. Nice sunny day until PM. Had a few showers. Debby and Jerico came over and spent day. We went through Mom’s pictures. I made potato salad. RECD, Carol, called. She will leave Chip’s check.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1996

Dr. Sherman, cystoscopy 10:30 AM. I have a large kidney stone, Have to go back in 2 months. Helen and Allan’s 60th anniversary. Carol from RECD here after we got home. Chip’s bill all paid. Debby called in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1996

A great day. Warm, 63°. Rained in evening. I washed clothes. Merrill hung them outside. Sent Kristen card, letter, and $10.00. Sent Beulah card and letter at hospital. Talked with Lyla. She saw Beulah yesterday. She’s about the same. Lyla has great grandchild, born...

Diary Entry for 5/4/1996

Party for Allan and Helen Rockwood at Dexter Legion, 1 PM. 60 years married. We went. A delicious dinner. Good to see all our relatives. Their grandson sang the song “The Wind Beneath My Wings” for them. Just beautiful. Debby called in evening. She spent day at...

Diary Entry for 5/5/1996

Kristen’s 5th birthday. We went to church, 48 out. Sunny today. Lori Cook in bad accident last night. She has a broken neck. (It wasn’t broken) Jill and Jim stopped in.