Diary Entry for 1/2/1996

Dentist, Dr. McLoughlin. I had impression made for new dentures at Upstate Dental. Paul Lamotte leaves for Ranger Camp in Georgia. Merrill got new gray dress pants at Pennys. Changed shirt Jim gave him to a smaller size. Called Jim at work. Got anniversary card from...

Diary Entry for 1/4/1996

Very cold. -20° this morning. Cold all day. Merrill cleaned driveway. Vivian called. They are going to their daughter’s Saturday. Merrill went for groceries in PM. Sent Ken birthday card, letter, and picture at the Ramada Inn.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1996

Sunny. Very cold, 9°. High -20° overnight. Jolie and Shawn Michael here to do washing. Here for supper. Vivian T here. They leave for New Hampshire to Janet’s tomorrow.