Diary Entry for 6/1/1986

We went to church, 43 there. Cobby Slate had service. Very good. Rev Collin at camp with youth. Merrill mowed lawns in PM. Thereunder storms a couple times in PM. Bad at city with wind and hail.

Diary Entry for 6/3/1986

Frost over night. Warmer today. We covered plants so nothing froze. Merrill worked at Horton’s all day. Got nice letter from June and Vern. They bought Don’s car.

Diary Entry for 6/4/1986

Clinic: Merrill 102/78 blood count is 16. Mine was 154/90 and blood count 12.5. Merrill went to Horton’s when we got home. I talked with Cheryl. Aunt Maude sleeps a lot. Mail stage coach with team of Clydesdale horses at Philadelphia.