Diary Entry for 11/1/1985

I canceled Dr. Siegel appointment. Merrill finished putting wood down. 10 cords. Feel better but my eye sight not good. Another great day. Residents are moving into new Philadelphia apartment housing.

Diary Entry for 11/2/1985

Washed clothes. 3 lines full. A great day. Merrill helped Gary put in rest of garage cement. Merrill and Bill Burnes fixed church roof in PM. He ran cleaner on floors for me.

Diary Entry for 11/3/1985

30th anniversary party at Lowville for Bob and Abby. We didn’t go. We went to Sunday School and church, 51 there. Went to Jim and Patty’s for dinner. Vern and June there also. They are planing a 50th anniversary party for us on December 1st.

Diary Entry for 11/4/1985

My arthritis bad today. Cloudy day. Darcy here in evening. George Belile still in hospital with pneumonia. June R here. Merrill went down to fix her shower and sink drain.

Diary Entry for 11/5/1985

Election Day. Raining. We voted at noon. They started working on church today. New basement entrance. Had to quit because of rain. Administrative Council, 12 out.