Diary Entry for 4/1/1985

Snow, rain, and sunshine. Wrote Vern’s. June R here in PM. She says she is getting married to Freddie Davis, 46. Jeff here with cheese spread I bought, $2.00

Diary Entry for 4/2/1985

Snowing. Marty was over. They are selling their house. They are looking at a trailer at Evans Mills. D Gleason called in evening about annexing our street to the village. Angie Haggerty died 3 years ago today.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1985

Red Cross clinic: Merrill 104/74 and 15 blood count. Mine was 152/44 and 13 blood count. Meeting at Town Barn about annexing Collin’s property. A good turn out of neighbors. We got Easter card from Vern’s. I feel punk from diarrhea.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1985

Good Friday service at Philadelphia. We went. About 45 there. Warmer. Frogs hollering for first time this spring. Jim Kavanaugh suing for 2 million. Merrill helped at church.