Diary Entry for 2/3/1983

UMW at Vi’s, 13 there. Week of Prayer and Self Denial program. Judy and I on refreshment committee. Angel food cake with whip cream and cherries. Very warm and rainy. No snow anywhere. We went for groceries in PM.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1983

Below zero during the night,. Only up to 10° all day but gr eat sunny day. Merrill went to dump. He ran cleaner. I washed clothes. Darcy here selling Girl Scout Cookies, $1.75 a box.

Diary Entry for 2/6/1983

We went to church, 67 out. Rev. Salisbury leaves at 2:30 PM for New Mexico for meetings. Will be home Saturday. Jim, Pat and kids here for PM and supper. Darcy and Joey here. Kids went skating. Jim is back on old job, nine to five.

Diary Entry for 2/7/1983

Snowing lightly all day, 25°. Sent for 12 rolls wall paper for living room from Robinson’s. Sent light bill, $104.00 and my Blue Cross. Very snowy in other places. Got letter from Melba and Elmer.