Diary Entry for 7/1/1982

Merrill and Bill worked at parsonage all day. I worked at chair seats. Nice but cold wind. Cleaned living room rug in evening. We went for groceries. Gehm’s flew home to Florida.

Diary Entry for 7/2/1982

Merrill raked hay at Horton’s. I finished making chair seats. Merrill put them on in evening. Got 7.4% increase in Social Security checks today. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 7/3/1982

Merrill and Bill worked at parsonage all day. I washed clothes. Called Jim’s in evening. They are coming Monday. Merrill worked in garden in evening. Nice all day but on cool side.

Diary Entry for 7/4/1982

Beautiful day, cool wind. church at 9:30 AM, 47 there. Merrill has closing, Mrs. Barnes has sermon. Birthday party for Florence and Earl. 50-60 there. Nice time.

Diary Entry for 7/5/1982

Just a beautiful day. Jim’s here for picnic. Jim and Jolie rode their bikes from city. Jim rode back. We all went to Child’s Falls. Boots also. Merrill baled 5 loads of hay at Horton’s in evening.