Diary Entry for 4/1/1982

UMW at Janet’s. Week of Prayer and Self Denial program. I didn’t go. There were 10 out. Aldersgate meeting at Mannsville. I didn’t get to it. My arthritis is very bad. Colder and very windy 40°

Diary Entry for 4/2/1982

Rebekah’s District meeting at Philadelphia. 6:30 turkey dinner, 30 present. I didn’t go but made cheese cake. Dawn Robinson, Antwerp District President. Marion called to say Aunt Angie died at 1:30. Funeral Sunday. Called Vern’s. Dr. Sommer 11:30 AM exam $12.00....

Diary Entry for 4/3/1982

Very windy and raining. 40’s. Karen Hanson guest clarinet soloists at County Musical at South Jefferson school tonight. Rigoletto by L. Basse

Diary Entry for 4/4/1982

Church service back in church, 81 there. 2 months in CEC. Good to be back. Angie’s funeral 8 PM. Visiting hours 2-4 and 7-8. We got to city but was too stormy with snow and blowing snow. Aunt Maude and Lila with us. Had lunch at Aunt Maude’s.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1982

Sunny day but cold. Eleanor called in morning. They got to Angie’s funeral. Only family there because of the weather. Got letter from June. They want to come Saturday. Called Jim’s. Audrey stays at her new apartment today at Midtown Towers.