Diary Entry for 11/2/1981

Nice day. Merrill put different lock on back door at parsonage. Randy helped all day, and Carl in PM on chimney. Cheryl left for Aglow meeting at Niagara Falls for week. Men have eight more blocks to put on chimney.

Diary Entry for 11/4/1981

Clinic. Blood pressure 138/84 and blood count 13. We went to city. Got paint for chimney. Merrill painted it all in PM. Got table cloth for kitchen. Got gear for chain saw, $14. Got letter from June. Vern is doing living room. Another beautiful day.

Diary Entry for 11/5/1981

UMW at Esther’s. Nice meeting, 24 out. Wrote Don’s and Dr. Roberts. Merrill cemented church and parsonage walk. Another beautiful day. Washed clothes. We went for groceries. Merrill went to Antwerp for stove pipes.