Diary Entry for 6/1/1981

Dr. Roberts. I’m to go to Upstate soon. He stopped iron shots for awhile. had lunch at Ken’s. Marg almost died last night from sugar shock. Jim speaks at Indian River High School at 1 PM. We spent most of PM at hospital. Had iron lab test. Art and Doris here in...

Diary Entry for 6/2/1981

Baked 3 pies, cup cakes, and cake. Gave Glenda 6 cupcakes. Paid her $5. She’s not to come for awhile to give me shots. Merrill mowed lawns. Nice day. I feel pretty good today.

Diary Entry for 6/4/1981

Merrill cleaned church and changed candles. We went for groceries. UMW at Center. 11 out. Rainy. Anniversary party at Theresa Rebekah Lodge. Got blue Cross check for $27.44.

Diary Entry for 6/5/1981

Called Pilon Monument to put date on Mother’s stone. Washed clothes. We ordered load of wood, $200. Vern called from city. Was up alone to see Dr. Scanlon. McKeever’s moved their trailer in evening.