Diary Entry for 5/1/1981

Glenda has D&C. Merrill got window open. Put hinges on it. We went for groceries. Merrill washed kitchen wood work. Hurt my arms too much to do it.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1981

Nice day but cool wind. Patty, Jill and Joel came out for day. Jim and Jolie at Portaferry for day. Merrill put Jill’s hot wheels together. My arms bad all day and evening. Got letter from Uncle Berl.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1981

Nice day, 60’s. Merrill went to church. I didn’t go. Too sore and lame. Rev. Quick fell and hurt his ankle so Nancy had service, 74 out. Linda over in PM for coffee. Washed her car over here.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1981

Beautiful summer day, 76°. Merrill painted front porch floor and front and back steps. Washed clothes. Merrill worked garden again. Lots of folks outside in shorts.

Diary Entry for 5/7/1981

Mother Daughter Banquet at Legion. Patty and kids came out to it. About 90 there plus men who helped. Slides on Holy Land. Carl Scee here for lunch. Went for groceries. Called Dr. Roberts. Glenda gave me iron shot. Larry and Joanne Neville’s 15th anniversary. Got...