Diary Entry for 3/1/1981

We went to church, 78 out. Patty and kids here for dinner. Jim in Utica with Explorers. Pat, Lorraine, Tina and Tony Brancatella here in PM. Gave Lorraine fern and ivy slip.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1981

Patty called for Dr. Roberts telephone number. Wrote Vern’s. Colder but nice day. Got letter from June. They may be out on Saturday if Tour-a-thon for Steve is on. Merrill went over town and paid bills. Fixed pipes at church. We ordered a red maple tree from Jeff P,...

Diary Entry for 3/4/1981

Washed clothes. My arthritis bad today. Tour-a-thon at Sandy Creek called off. Steve was enrolled. Aunt Maude called. Vera Strader and girls are coming there tonight.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1981

We went for groceries. Stopped at Aunt Maude’s to see Vera, Lorna and Sharon Strader. Nice day. Vern called in evening. They are coming Saturday. Fred Hodge, 42, died this morning in Mercy Hospital.