Diary Entry for 3/1/1977

14 out to UMW. I didn’t go. Nurse here. Marie here to sew after school. Lorraine here. Merrill, Carl and Ray finished insulating at church. Virginian New here to see Merrill.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1977

We took Mom to hospital at 2 PM. Stopped at Bill and Brenda’s on way. Called Aunt Keitha. We went to Jim and Patty’s for supper. He just got home from Albany. Marie here to sew while I was gone. Real Estate agent and insurance man here.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1977

Had muffler and tail pipe put on car at Cole Muffler, $62.99. Went to hospital to see Mom. She went to operating room at 10:30. Had local. She wanted to come home. Marie here to sew.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1977

Sent Income Tax, SS, $62.67. Gas tax, $22.02. Raining. Wrote Vern’s. Mom got home from hospital at 2 PM. Got eye drops and iron pills at Fays. Called Dr. Roberts. World Day of Prayer at Mills. I didn’t go. Lorraine here in evening.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1977

Pat and Ruth’s 48th anniversary. 4-H dress evaluation at city. Merrill cut some wood but it is too green to burn. I made cake. Washed clothes. Lorraine, Marie, Alison, Laura and Tessie to 4-H. Wrote Don’s. Got letter from them. Also Gladys Lamon.