Diary Entry for 5/1/1975

Sent news items to Town and Country. Sent Garmon R and Floyd Taylor get well cards. Raining, lazy day. Got letter from Dr. Scanlon and Dr. Rosen. Appointment with Dr. Ronald Pinkerton in Kingston May 20. Lorraine here to sew.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1975

4-H Food lesson, “Foods, Let’s Explore”. All here but Hill’s, Jamie, and Marie. Amy Ambrantes guests with Vicky. We went after groceries. Put 4-H money in bank. Sent reminder of Cancer money. Wrote Vern’s.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1975

Beautiful day, 75°. Vern’s called in evening. Planted flower seeds. Merrill worked over garden. He built fence. Washed my hair. Marguerite Beach’s daughter, Madeline, 52, took her life. She lives in Georgia.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1975

Rainy and cool. We went to church. Children’s Day with Joyce Griffin, Sunday School Superintendent in charge. 178 there. Nice program but long and noisy. Bill Heck talked to Bill Flaherty and I about church organ.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1975

Cleaned stove pipes. Baked rolls and molasses cookies. Merrill built fence. Cheryl and Vi called. I called Esther T. in evening. Floyd better but still weak. Sent sympathy card to Marguerite.