Diary Entry for 7/1/1974

Dr. Roberts, 4 PM. Next shot in 3 weeks. Merrill finished barn wall. Put siding back on. We went to city. Merrill got battery at Agway for baler, $18. Stopped at Brenda and Bill’s. His folks there helping. His two nephews there to stay. Grahams new house set up...

Diary Entry for 7/2/1974

Cheryl Ashley’s Fashion Wagon Party at 7:30. I went. Ordered slacks. Merrill helped Bill D all day on his barn. Rainy. Leslie and Grace here awhile. Had been to Steeles. Mother T was at Aunt Cora’s. Got letter from Steve and June.

Diary Entry for 7/5/1974

We went to city. Looked at chopper wagon at Champion. Got outfit, shirt and pants, for Jolie for birthday. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries.