Diary Entry for 9/1/1972

Otis Easton’s funeral 9:30 AM. Aunt Maude, Cathy, Lila, Cheryl, Grace and Chris went to funeral. Merrill ordered stone for pasture road. Brought two loads today. Sent Steve newspaper on parade. Belt on chopper ripped. Can’t get one until Tuesday. Leah called in...

Diary Entry for 9/2/1972

Jim’s 29th birthday They finished fill in pasture road. 7 loads of stone and gravel. We mowed lawns. Very hot. Cloudy in evening. Called Aunt Maude. Washed my hair in evening. Also clothes.

Diary Entry for 9/3/1972

We went to church. Cloudy and rainy and cold all day We took Boots for ride in PM. Drove over past Vicky and Marshall’s new trailer located near Calcium. Karen Ann Hill, 8 found murdered at city last night. Arthur Sharcross arrested for it today.

Diary Entry for 9/4/1972

Labor Day. Merrill got stuck in pasture with rake. Hay too green to rake. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here for PM and supper. Jim has been sick with cold. colder today. Gave Jim Centennial book. $110,000 in Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Diary Entry for 9/5/1972

WSCS at Margaret Matt. 13 out. Merrill broke mower. We went to Fry’s at Depauville and to Talcott Falls. Belt for chopper hasn’t come in. Cool but nice today.